Taobao takes down hacked iTunes accounts

Taobao has removed over 50,000 illegal iTunes accounts auctioned on its website.

The move follows an investigation by the Global Times, which found last week that the site was selling the hacked accounts for iTunes Store, with thousands having been sold over the past months.

“We have recently received reports from customers that some iTunes accounts sold online were stolen from other users. Upon hearing this, we acted immediately to remove all these accounts from our platform,” said the statement on the company’s website.

“We are also currently in communication with Apple and are considering adding these illegal items to Taobao’s blacklist of banned products,” the statement said.

The Global Times reported last week that China’s biggest store was selling the accounts for around $30, with the promise of $200 worth of downloads of songs and films.  

However, it seems Taobao only backed down and submitted the statements after being caught. We say this because when the company was selling these accounts it provided a disclaimer with regards to the legality of what was being posted.

The offers also encouraged buyers to complete all downloads within 24 hours before the authorities or cardholder realised the theft. To this Taobao added that it beared no legal liability for the items sold, nor could it vouch for their authenticity.

Along with the low price, the sale of stolen iTunes accounts is made attractive in China because many people there cannot create a legitimate account of their own. The Chinese iTunes store only accepts payment by credit card, which many Chinese do not have.