TalkTalk secretly rolling out fibre optics, poised to go head-to-head with BT, Virgin

Interesting news from the telco world. BT, to much fanfare, is boasting to all about its fibre optic lines being rolled out up and down the country. Well, its timbers are about to be shivered, because it’s got serious competition and it doesn’t even know it.

TalkTalk has quietly, sneakily been rolling out a very, very large network of dark optics all around the UK. And BT hasn’t a clue – we talked to BT this morning which confirmed that it is unaware of any competition in the fibre optics market except for Virgin.

Fact is, Talk Talk has been doing this on the down low for a good while now. And in a couple of months it’s going to make a shock announcement and let the world + dog know that it is connected all across the UK, and it’s planning to undercut BT on prices, too.

This was confirmed for us last night at the Top10 Broadband Awards by a TalkTalk employee. Watch this space. 

It also has some big plans for IPTV. Apparently this is what the industry is worried about right now and wants to keep on top of.

*EyeSee Pictured are new wave 80s darlings Talk Talk, the band.

*Update It was not Talk Talk who we chatted to, but another broadband industry insider. TalkTalk is very annoyed with us. The official line is: “The content of your article is completely inaccurate and and there has been no secret roll-out.