Taiwan pledges support for WiMAX

Despite Intel’s continued slow u-turn on its commitment to WiMAX, Taiwan is going to carry on and step up its support for the 4G networks.

Taiwan’s Industrial Development Bureau and the Ministry of Economic Affairs have declared that global WiMAX demand is there and growing. It said there are 584 WiMAX networks in 150 countries around the world.

Generally, the technology industry is moving towards accepting Long Term Evolution as the 4G network of choice.

Intel was once the big backer of WiMAX and struck a deal with Taiwan to help develop and bring the technology to its shores. But it “reorganised” its WiMAX department and appeared to pull away from that commitment, leaving Taiwan wondering what it was going to do to match the wireless infrastructure of countries like South Korea. Top execs promised they’d fly over and talk about it but put off the trips for as long as possible.

Though Digitimes says that Taiwan’s WiMAX over 2011 was valued at US $1.52 billion, the National Communications Commission announced the release of more 4G licenses for as early as 2013.

Taiwan says that it is neutral to 4G technologies, but as the rest of the world seems to be siding with LTE, carriers are tipped to take the same route, too.