Swedes tell Wikileaks man to go away

The Swedish Government has told Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to go forth and multiply.

According to a statement by the National Migration Board (Migrationsverket) Assange has been denied a residence permit to stay in Sweden.

Assange is Australian, but apparently that is not the reason they want him out. In fact no one is sure what reason they do not want the founder of Wikileaks in their country. We are fairly sure that the rape accusation has nothing to do with it.

Media reports of rape accusations against Assange were first published at the end of August, two days after he had applied for a residence permit.

He applied for a residence and work permit in Sweden in August 18th in order to gain status as the legally responsible publisher of the whistle-blower website,

Wikileaks plans to have a number of servers based in Sweden and the move would have afforded better protection for WikiLeaks’ sources under Sweden’s press freedom laws.

But to get secure legal responsibility as publisher in Sweden, a person must have a residence permit.

Gunilla Wikström, who makes decisions on work permits for the board in Norrköping, told local hacks that she would pass on that idea,

“There is not much more to say than that we rejected his application,” Wikström told the local press. This is mostly because secrecy prevails on the grounds for such a decision.

Assange is still under investigation in Sweden, but is free to leave the country.

It is not clear where he is at the moment. AFP Monday spoke to an Icelandic spokesman for Wikileaks, Kristinn Hrafnsson who refused to reveal Assange’s whereabouts.

However, it once again strengthens the case of those within Wikileaks who want Assange to step down, The feeling is that he is creating too much heat simply by being in charge and his presence is getting in the way of sensible business arrangements for the whistle-blowing site.