Sweden wants Julian Assange back for rape case interrogation

Wikileaks‘ founder Julian Assange, having just been rejected a residence permit, is being asked back to Sweden for questioning about a rape allegation. 

Assange, 39, insists that the allegations were a smear campaign to discredit both him and Wikileaks. Marianne Ny, Director of Prosecution, has told the Beeb that he must return. His detention is not being requested but Ny says she has had trouble tracking him down for questioning. “So far, we have not been able to meet with him to accomplish the interrogations,” she said.

The sexual molestation case was re-opened in September. Initially details were sketchy and it was suggested that the allegations, first appearing in a tabloid newspaper, Expressen, were bunk. The Guardian thought it had something to do with a personal dislike on Assange’s part for using condoms. 

Smear or not, the case has effectively turned Assange into celebrity gossip fodder. If it is a smear,  it has been successful in distracting the public from the weight of Wikileaks war leaks. Taking our tinfoil hats off for a moment, it could be, as most things tend to be, something far more mundane or something inbetween. 

Assange is reportedly going to plant his roots in the traditionally neutral Switzerland, while it appears operations for the site itself are moving to Iceland, where the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative grants protection to journalists and whistleblowers.