Stripper claims Google's inside her head

A former stripper who claims that Google is inside her head and “makes her do things” broke into the search engine’s head office and left a note for the outfit’s bosses Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

Vera Svechina, a self-described filmmaker and former stripper, stalked the creator of FarmVille, Mark Pincus, who has taken out a restraining order against her.

According to AP, she wandered into Google’s main offices on March 14 and spent several minutes there.

When a staff member returned to her desk, she found a book in Russian as well as a letter addressed to the two founders.

The letter made little sense and were the ramblings of somebody with some kind of condition.

Cops examined the security camera footage and found that Svechina had breached the inner offices of the world’s largest internet company by sneaking in behind a visually impaired employee.

Svechina, 37,  was thought to be living in San Francisco. She has not been arrested or charged yet.

Coppers said Svechina was “a little bit angry” at Brin and Page in the letter, but she had not made any threat to them.

They said that Svechina came into the officers last May to file a complaint against Google, claiming that the company “was inside her head and telling her to do things.”

She was sectioned but was later released.

Zynga CEO and founder Mark Pincus got an injuction  against Svechina in March claiming she had visited his home and threatened his wife and kids.

On her blog, Svechina describes herself as a filmmaker who was born in Obninsk, Russia, studied at Moscow State University and worked in a Geisha club in Japan.