Steve Jobs Taiwan Tea doppelgänger revealed

TechEye has uncovered the name of the actor who did the Steve Jobs Tea TV gig for a talent agency in Taipei: Brook Hall. He’s an American expat living in Taiwan since 2001, with over 60 TV commercials to his credit already on the island.

Hall is in his 40s, works as a theater producer and director for top cultural and government agencies across the island, and tells TechEye that while the Jobs gig was fun to do – and that he’s aware of the global attention from the video – he is ready to move on, and, in fact, has moved on already.

“That ad is history to me now,” Hall told TechEye in a recent phone conversation from his home in Taipei.

“I’ve got many new projects on my plate as a producer and director here, and these advertisement jobs I take from time to time are just a way to do something interesting in between major projects.

“Upcoming shows include a birthday party bash for Taiwan’s 100th anniversary as a nation and a Broadway show I’m putting on at the capital city’s National Theater.”

So how did he do it, the faux Jobs press conference hawking Taiwan tea and a free iPad?

In Hall’s own words: “The shoot in Hsinchi Science Park was a fun three hours of trying to imitate Mr Jobs – but you need to realise also that there was a great makeup and hair team, and little wires that pull your eyes and cheeks that can reshape your face a bit.

“I just studied the Jobs walk from internet videos and his speech patterns as well.”

Hall said that the Jobs impersonation came across as so authentic that even his good friends in Taipei did not know it was him when they spoke about “the cool Steve Jobs lookalike on TV.”

“When I told them that was me, they simply did not believe me at first,” Hall said. “But time to move on now, I don’t want to be known forever as the guy who was a Steve Jobs lookalike on Taiwanese TV!”