Start-up aims to revolutionise birthday list

Jeff Robinson is the founder and CEO of Birthday Slam! – this is an interesting social network app that he has great plans for. He’s here at White Bull 2011 in Castelldefels.

Birthday Slam! will be closely integrated with Facebook and will let you keep calendars of those birthdays that it will cost you dearly to forget.  As well as keeping tabs of those important days in a form you can access on the web, he has also set up deals with associates so you can buy gifts for your loved ones.

You can even, he said, do all the birthdays one at a time and there’s an extra bonus for you, on your birthday.

According to Robinson, most suicides happen on peoples’ own birthdays – this sad thought reflects what happens when you’re on your own, lonely, and no one has remembered to send you a card. There’s even a geo-location function so you can make new friends by finding out which people share your birthday and where they’re hanging out, so you can find them and introduce yourself.

There’s also a bonus for you on your birthday too – because he’s set up relationships with associates you’re going to get presents and freebies on that special day.  Loneliness is a terrible thing. Birthday Slam! is here.