Staff say AOL busy ruining its publications

One of the largest tech blogs with one of the most loyal fanbases is having its plug well and truly pulled by AOL, or at least enough for journalist MG Siegler to pen a farewell post.

TechCrunch will not be the same, ever again, and we’ll find out why soon says Siegler. He believes AOL is attacking the honesty and integrity of TechCrunch, and there is a possibility that content editor in chief, HuffPo’s Arrington, will be sweeping in to turn things around, and not the right way around. 

Basically, the post is a rebuttal for Arrington’s departure. He’s the main man whose name has become a brand within that sphere, and Siegler believes AOL is planning to bring in its own editor in chief. He says if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

There are also some f-bombs. See for yourself here

Big publishers often have very different ideas about how to run a magazine, and AOL wants to be one of the biggest. It has tried before.

It has already made some changes. The popular Download Squad blog was dropped. Meanwhile, some bloggers aren’t very fond of Huffington’s idea about journalism – that people should do it for free.