Squashing bunnies is the latest online trend

Animal rights groups and sane people are worried about a trend emerging from China where videos are made showing attractive young women squashing rabbits.

Dubbed “crush fetishists” graphic videos showing attractive young Chinese women crushing small bunnies is one of the stranger sexual fetishes we have read about.

The videos show several smiling women are seen in turn cuddling and playing with small bunnies just before crushing them, as you do.

One video has a woman placing a bunny on a table before covering it with a plate of glass and sitting on it for about a minute. She then shows off the dead rabbit. Others show girls crushing the rabbits under high heels. Other sites are apparently crushing kittens.

Furious web-users in China have started a “flesh search” – an effort to reveal the girls’ true identities. Online vigilantism has been effective in the past in exposing wrongdoing by corrupt businessmen, officials, and others.

One of the girls issued a public apology. China Radio International quoted one girl identified as Huang Xiaoxiao as saying she had been paid to appear in several videos.

She got $15 for crushing fruit, and $30 for “other small animals”. The rabbit netted her $40, she was quoted as saying.  Great for her bank balance, not so good for the rabbit.

However according to AFP no one online believes the apology is genuine and it might have been a move by the animal crushers to attempt to go back underground after their public unvieling.

Crushing animals for a sexual thrill is about to be banned in the US, which must make for a strange day in the Senate.