Spying TalkTalk offers network security

UK ISP TalkTalk has carefully announced its latest feature addition to its packages, something called HomeSafe that could also be branded TalkTalk Knows Best.

The announcement comes after last year’s shit-storm-in-a-teacup when the ISP, also Ofcom’s most complained about, was caught on the back-leg trying to defend spying on its customers.

It said back then that customers need not worry about having their activities monitored because it’s for an exciting new product, which will help parents keep an eye on their kids online. The problem was, it did not ask for the user’s consent before going ahead and keeping an eye on browsing habits anyway. It had been compared to Phorm. Users could opt out but it was awkward because they hadn’t been told in the first place.

Still, none of that matters now, because it has officially announced this HomeSafe product which we guess is off the back of its bizarre approach to customer service.

HomeSafe will offer virus alerts and parental controls. It’ll be across the network rather than on just one PC. A spokesperson for TalkTalk said: “Parents are concerned about what sort of things their children could stumble across when they’re surfing online.”

We wonder if it’ll tell you when TalkTalk is having an eyeful too.