Spy versus spy in web divorce row

The World Wide Wibble is bringing in a new dimension to messy divorces as couples try to set each other up online.

According to AP, a US woman, who was involved in a custody battle, thought she could spy on her ex-husband by inventing a fake persona called Jessica Studebaker on Facebook and chat to him about his plans.

Unfortunately Angela Voelkert bit off a little more than she could chew as her ex-husband revealed to the 17 year old Jessica that he was hiring a hitman to kill his ex-wife.

In the messages, he admitted he had strapped a GPS tracking device to his ex-wife’s car and would “find someone to take care of” her.

Obviously this was the sort of thing that would win her custody battle far better than him chatting a 17 year old, so she rushed around to the FBI with the evidence that her husband was trying to kill her.

The FBI arrested her husband David on criminal charges over messages he sent to a “17-year-old girl” who added him as a friend on Facebook.

But Mrs Voelkert was in for a rude surprise.

It turned out that her husband was onto her the whole time. Two days after accepting the request to “friend” Studebaker, Mr Voelkert wrote a sworn affidavit indicating his suspicion that Studebaker was a fictional character created by his ex-wife.

He planned to use Studebaker as proof that his ex-wife will not leave his personal life alone.

The comments about having her killed were all about setting her up. After all, she was trying to link him to a fictious 17 year old.

The untouchables have dropped all criminal charges and requested the court “dismiss the complaint in the court against defendant David Voelkert”.

But it is starting to look like the internet is making Kramer versus Kramer look like a walk in the park.