Spy in hot water for Facebook posting

Russian spy Anna Chapman, who is somewhat cuter than Anthony Blunt, is in hot water after she posted a pic of herself on Facebook.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the snap was an exclusive photograph taken for Moscow-based Zhara’s October issue and obviously Chapman was quite taken with it and shoved it on her profile in Facebook.

A Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda thought that since it was on Facebook the snap belonged to her and ran it in a news story. After all pictures of attractive red heads who have served their country by being agents sells newspapers.

Maxim Korshunov, editor in chief of Zhara was not a happy bunny. He said his magazine will sue both the newspaper and Mrs Chapman for breach of copyright.

Chapman apparently went to a five star hotel in central Moscow to take part in the photoshoot, it has been claimed.

There was no interview to accompany the photographs taken for Zhara and Chapman has denied that she received money for the shoot or that she had agreed to appear in any magazines.

She wrote on Facebook that the new pictures published were made for “my personal use and people that publish/print/sell those have no rights to them”.