Sprint and Clearwire announce dates for WiMax launch

Clearwire and Sprint have said they will be launching their respective “4G” mobile internet services in Los Angeles later this year. Only it’s not quite that level of G’s yet – it’s WiMAX which isn’t 4G.

The companies have officially set launch dates for their WiMAX services. New York will see the first launch on November 1, Los Angeles on December 1 and San Francisco around the end of December. Both companies will be launching the service under their own brands.

Sprint, a 55 percent owner of Clearwire, will offer the service using space on Clearwire’s network.

There’s some kind of tension between the two outfits, in fact three top Sprint executives recently resigned from Clearwire’s board.

According to Sprint, Sprint “4G” will allow customers to instantly download large files to get work done, or use the fast broadband service to watch online videos wherever they are in town.

It’s also offering a range of WiMAX devices, including compact USB modems and Intel embedded laptops and netbooks. Intel loves WiMAX but it might look at LTE, too.

Clearwire’s “4G” service, Clear, will allow customers to buy online. But “4G”-only mobile services are not yet being offered.