Spotify confirmed for US launch

Spotify has been confirmed for a US release later this year, with a view to adding to the recently announced 320,000 Spotify users on the £10 subscription fee.

According to PC PRO, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek stated at the Texas South by Southwest conference it was adding 1,000 paid users a day. There were now seven million users altogether in the six European countries where it is available.

He didn’t give an exact date for the US Spotify launch, but this is understandable given the huge rights process that will be involved to give Americans the service that we are used to. Ek said there are more than 5000 publishers that Spotify needs to deal with to get music rights.

Ek believes that the free model that appears to have been a huge success in Europe could equally apply to the US. 

According to the tech blogs Stateside, keen watchers are disappointed with the lack of a specific launch date, which seems to suggest that the demand is there if Spotify get it right with the big record companies.

It will have to deal with competitors like Napster, Rhapsody and MOG, which like Spotify is aggressively pursuing the possibilities of mobile apps, allowing people to listen to streamed music using their mobile phones.

But Spotify’s model of giving you free access to streamed music seems a better bet than a paid subscription as offered by other companies, as UK listeners and house parties will testify.