Spanish men fly off the handle at women having affairs

Spanish men took time out from their busy wooing of British housewives and trache girls to moan about a site which enables their wives to have affairs.

According to the Guardian, Spanish men are furious at an advert for a website which is supposed to hook women up with affairs with men from all over the world.

Although is pretty much the same as any adult dating site, what appears to have got Spanish men’s calzoncillos in a twist is that the advert is targeted at women.

It seems that the idea is that it is perfectly normal for men to have an image of being as sleazy as a John Major cabinet, but women are supposed to stay at home and look after the bebé while Pepe picks up Tracy from North London.

The site has a Facebook page and it has come under extreme conservative criticism.

“You should be ashamed of promoting infidelity,” one angry contributor, Diego Gascón, penned.

Loles Falkner Falgueras complained that the site made him sick, so he must have been on it all night.

“What kind of morality are you trying to promote?” Falgueras asked the site. He hoped this sort of business did not prosper wants it to close down.  

“There are people who do believe in family, in their partners, in love and it is already hard enough work to keep a family together,” he hissed.

The website promises that you can meet people who will make their life as spicy as Pulpo a la Gallega.

“We offer an atmosphere in which you can have fun, flirt, get to know someone and have an affair either close to home or far away,” claims the website.

The site appears to be based in Norway, and the implication is that there are dragon boats full of Scandinavian muscle men hoping to find someone a bit warmer than they are. No wonder the Spanish men are upset.