Spanish lawyer to defend Assange

Julian Assange, who is hiding in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, is apparenly going to get another defence against extradition led by controversial Spanish jurist Baltasar Garzón.

Assange, whose extradition on sex charges, to Sweden, is all over bar the shouting and the plane ticket out of the UK, has jumped bail and is trying to get protection from the Ecuador.

Garzón is a human rights investigator who indicted Augusto Pinochet. However he was disbarred as a judge in Spain in February after he was caught wiretapping conversations between defence lawyers and their clients in a corruption investigation involving the Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy’s People’s party.

He was given an 11-year suspension as supporters claimed he was the victim of a conspiracy to bring down one of the world’s best-known human rights investigators.

Garzón has announced that  he will lend Assange the weight of his knowledge of international human rights and extradition law in a case that he denounced as “arbitrary and baseless”.

Garzón said that Assange was the victim of obscure international political manoeuvring.

He claimed that Assange should be protected by the same rights as those of any other citizen. We assume he did not mean the right to face his accusers in a fair trial.

He claimed that Assange had not rebelled against British law and insists that he “respects it”. But he is seriously worried about what will happen to him because his situation is becoming political as a result of the great work done by his organisation when it comes to denouncing corruption.

Garzón said that it was wrong that a single person should be under such pressure from the governments of Sweden and Britain.

Of course no one has mentioned the human rights of his alleged victims. After all they are just women and must be puppets of the CIA and Assange can do what he likes.