South African police go after rogue Twitterer

A Twit has landed himself in hot water after using the micro blogging site to alert motorists on the whereabouts of cops who are manning speed traps in South Africa.

South African police have threatened the Johannesburg Twitterer, who in the past has used  the words “pig”, “rashers” and “bacon” to describe the police. They have started to lay charges of crimen injuria, defeating the ends of justice and defamation of character.

They claim that “Pig Spotter’s” warnings make their job harder, diverting drunk and speeding drivers from legitimate police checks.

To a speeder, Pig Spotter’s almost realtime tweets, are a blessing. He provides a feed of where all the speed checks are with examples including: “Cops using fancy schmancy lazer thingy trapping on Louis Botha ave just before Corlett Ave going towards Sandton.”

“On katherine headed for grayston offramp from sandton. A very unusual traffic buildup. I think it’s the fuzz,” and “Heavy police presence on N1 between Beyers and Rivonia: keep off your phones, wear your seatbelts, keep your lights on!”

What has baffled some is the high degree of accuracy of his reports and the speed with which he posts them. Wearers of tinfoil hats have suggested that he might be aided by police informants.

The Tweeter has gained global support. Yesterday a snap survey by Eyewitness News showed that ninety-two percent of respondents believed he should not be arrested while only eight percent believed he should be.

PigSpotter has also apologised for his description of the police and wants to work with them to “turn things around”.
The Twitter community has started a poll asking whether you think PigSpotter should be arrested or not, and you can vote here.