South Africa mulls Australian style filters

South Africa, which has spent decades fighting repressive racial laws, wants to bring in a raft of sexual laws instead based around a firewall similar to that which is used in China and is mooted in Australia.

The South Africans believe that it is possible to purge the web of all pornography.

Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba has approached the country’s Law Reform Commission to ask whether a change in the law is possible.

He as chatted to the Justice Alliance for South Africa (JASA) which has written its own draft bill on the issue.

Gigaba said that since cars are already provided with brakes and seatbelts. There is no reason why the internet should be provided without the necessary restrictive mechanisms built into it.

The only difficulty with that scenerio is that a seat beat and brake saves your life in a car crash. Censorship of internet porn only saves… um. No there is no earthly reason for it what so ever.

Not surprisingly web insecurity experts have dismissed the idea as barking.

The idea is to use a form of filters set by internet service providers.

Media friendly Graham Cluley of security firm Sophos said previous attempts by other nations to ban pornography had not been successful.

“One wonders how on earth a democracy like South Africa would be able to introduce such a system, as it’s not as though the state has total control over telecommunications,” he told BBC News.

We think it is ironic that a country can free itself from one set of oppressive controls and then rush to impose another equally as daft.