SOPA-supporting GoDaddy betrays its customers

Website hosting outfit GoDaddy has joined an elite team made up of Big Content and paid off congressmen who are supporting an attempt to suspend US consitutional rights under the guise of tackling online piracy.

GoDaddy has officially voiced its support for the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) Bill in 2012 which will give copyright holders the sway to effectively shut down websites or online services if it thinks they might so much as think about infringing material.

A spokesperson applauded the House Judiciary Committee, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition and the Internet and the Senate Judiciary Committee, for taking decisive, bicameral and bipartisan action.

Christine Jones, executive VP of GoDaddy told the International Business Times that SOPA would be “protecting the intellectual property of hard-working Americans, U.S. business and the American public from the harm that necessarily flows from the purchase of counterfeit products.” Right.

We think she will change her tune the moment that Big Content demands Big Daddy is shut down for hosting what it claims is illegal content. SOPA does not really require anyone to provide any proof.

Big Daddy is in a minority, not only of tech companies, but also humans, in supporting the new law.

President Obama, who so far has rolled over and given big content what it wants, has said he will veto it if it gets that far.

GoDaddy insists that the US can’t “turn a blind eye to illegal conduct online.”

Jones said that US businesses and American consumers were getting duped, that their intellectual property is being stolen and that the internet ecosystem has a duty to help.

She said that while the US shouldn’t be suppressing free speech, the internet should not function as the Wild West either.

Which is odd really because the US did rather well during its Wild West period, unless you were a Native American. 

A grassroots campaign started on Reddit has seen GoDaddy’s customers vote with their feet. Since announcing its support for SOPA, GoDaddy will be getting a nice Christmas present as the sane-thinking web turns its back on the company and switches domain hosting.