SOPA: How to stuff up your political career

The US politician behind moves to hand over the US justice system to Big Content is unrepentant that his actions are making him as popular as the Boston Strangler.

Republican Representative Lamar Smith is ignoring all claims that his SOPA law will stuff up the internet, will render the abandonment of the US constitution and lead to voter revenge in the ballot box as countless people are disconnected from the internet without trial.

Smith has vowed to keep defending Big Content despite criticism and an increasingly hostile press.

He told Reuters it was amazing to him that SOPA’s opponents apparently don’t want to ‘protect’ American consumers and businesses.

Americans that were profiting from directing customers to foreign websites need to be stopped and he did not mind taking that on, he said.

Smith claims that his fight is to stop the online piracy of pharmaceuticals, music and other consumer products by those nasty foreigners. He claims it costs the US $100 billion a year and is responsible for all the economic woes that the country is facing.

Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit oppose the bill, which they say will cripple the internet and wipe out the entire tech industry.

Smith stressed the bill would only lean on websites based outside the United States, but of course it will mean that American ISPs will have to censor foreign sites.

In something which many see as the psychological principle of projection at work, Smith said that opponents were disguising their economic interests with rhetoric about internet freedom.

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt told the Economic Club of Washington last month that the bill would “effectively break the internet” and he compared Smith’s efforts to the same type of censorship that Google has experienced in China.

Sadly for Smith, like most of the Big Content sock puppets, he fails to really understand what the issue is all about and who would be caught.

Apparently Smith’s campaign site used a photograph which is in violation of the owner’s creative commons licence. A background image was nicked from one ‘DJ Schulte’ and it would have been okay if Smith had credited him. When TechDirt ran the story, Smith changed the picture. But what is interesting is that under his own law his ISP would have had to have taken his site down, and Google would have had to delist him.

Ironically, Smith has received numerous awards from conservative organisations for his opposition to efforts to expand the federal government’s power. However, he appears to favour the handing over of that power to corporates. Needless to say, he is from Texas.