Social media cooking: Good Tweatin' in 140 characters or less

The 140 character limit for a Tweet has led people to do strange things. The verbose have to seek brevity. Press officers have to cut down on their hyperboles (the hyper-bolicks limit as we refer to it).

For Maureen Evans, the limit has caused her to roll out a whole new language, the like of which we’ve never seen since my old mum used to turn “Cast off rem 3[4:5:4:4:5:5:6] sts” into a handsome new tank-top for me.

For Evans, the signs were all there. Being married to Blaine Cook, yes, Cook. The original programmer on Twitter, yes Twitter. And with a surname that sounds like the places posh folk bake their bread, it was inevitable that Ms Evans would end up sending coded recipes in Tweets.

It only goes to show: you are what you Tweet.

The collected works of Evans have now been gathered into book format: “Eat Tweet, a Twitter cookbook”. It boasts 1,020 recipes – oh, missed the nerd bonus point –1,024, or a kilobyte, would have been so perfect.

This is a real nerd’s treat. Why have to translate “+1/2cgrtdapple/(1/4)c walnut. Fill 6. 20m@350F” into “add ½ cup of grated apple, and ¼ cup chopped walnuts. Fill six muffin cups and bake for 20 minutes in an oven preheated to 350°F”?

What makes sense in the Twittersphere looks very geeky in the real world. With acres of rainforest left to decimate why expect people to expand the code when it could be done for them on the acres of white space left over? Maybe you’re channelling a 1950s trainspotter.

The New York Times book reviewer swallowed the whole recipe idea. To whoever that reviewer was we say: Sir or Madam, hailing recipe Tweeting as the “first great recipe innovation in 200 years” does not so much praise the book as show that you should get out more – or maybe read more widely.

TechEye, keen to bring you culinary delights, has a recipe or two. We have used abbreviations from Evans page which is adequate for a semi-veggie diet but we have added our own.

We take no responsibility for stomach upsets or any other ailments. Try these at your peril – Good Housekeeping, we ain’t.

Can you see what it is yet?

Recipe 1

1tstr/+2slcbrd=tst. 1smpan/+1canbns/htgent >10m. Put tst on plat/+bns. Garn brnsos

Recipe 2

Frygarlc&ons/+(1/2lb)mncmeat/(1/4)tchilipow. +stock/+redbns/+corn stir. Panh2o/>1m/+lg rice>25m

Recipe 3 (from Evans)

Stir6yolk/2c milk/½c sug&honey/¼t salt in bainmarie until thick. Chill; +2c crm/T vodka. Freeze5h(mix1x/h) or use machine.

Recipe 4

Glas+beer/drnk. glas+beer/drnk. 1/2glas+vodka+rdbll/drnk. rpt till dun