Skype beats Boris Johnson to free London wi-fi

Skype has beaten London Mayor Boris Johnson by offering free wi-fi for all Londoners.

It’ll operate through a wide network of hotspots, directly through Skype, and will be running during the upcoming Internet Week Europe – that’s the 8th to the 12th November. It’s easy as pie, simply grab the latest version of Skype and sign in.

You can then select a wi-fi network. If it’s not compatible with Skype Access it’ll tell you so you can choose another.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson promised a WiFi rollout across all of London earlier this year. 22 London boroughs signed up to the Project WiFi scheme. He said that “every lamppost, every bus stop” will offer wi-fi.

Those who make a habit of perching atop lamp posts with their laptops will be delighted to hear that for the week, Skype’s free wi-fi will be available all across the UK, not just London.  

Meanwhile BT has begun its first project to bring wi-fi access to the London underground, starting at Charing Cross station.