Skype and Facebook integration could be on the cards

Take that, GoogleCisco darling and enemy of Murdoch’s BSkypeB, er, BSkyB Skype could be  talking to Zuckerberg’s gang about VoIP integration with Facebook. It’s cool – further to cyber stalking you could have the option to leave threatening, creepy voicemails via VoIP too, and that’s just what the internet needs.

Google recently launched its VoIP service on Gmail and Google chat. Rival-but-not-really Facebook seems to be thinking it fancies a slice of the action too, and its expertly angled social approach could mean a big win for both Skype and The Social Notwork. Internet is alllll the rage. As IPTV hops up on the agenda so does VoIP and anything else which can be delivered efficiently and effectively through broadband – and why not? It’s good.

All Things Digital copped a screenshot of the supposed service. It’s here. As always with the excitable tech press, us included, there’s every chance that it could be a mash-up by anyone with a degree of Photoshop knowledge. However, looking at it – which suggests Facebook contacts direct in the Skype software client – it looks nice and, well, why not? Dosh could be an issue. While security could be an issue, if it’s real and it’s opt in, then we see no reason why infosec analysts would shout from the rooftops. 

It could all be fake. The cynicism and jadedness of the modern tech journalist knows no bounds, but let’s wait and see. In the meantime, TechEye is adding “Rachel S. Daniels”, just in case…