Sky gets into bother with the ASA

Sky Broadband isn’t quite the happy ending fairy story it’s been promoting itself as.

In fact, if some customers concerns are to go by, Murdoch’s British company  is the evil step mother.

The company has been rapped by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) which has upheld 42 customer complaints against various online sales promotions for Sky Broadband and its TV service bundles. These offered £50 worth of Marks and Spencer’s vouchers that some people never received.

Sky tried to cover its tracks claiming that there had been various reasons for the blunder, including human error at a call centre, vouchers being lost in the post and the fact that some people lived in a flat and not a house requiring them, to apply via an Approved Sky Homes Agent (ASHA)….erm ok.

However, the  ASA wasn’t having any of it. It said in a statement: “Despite the improvements Sky had incorporated in the administration of the voucher promotion, we were concerned that the terms of the offer stated that vouchers would be sent within thirty days of activating viewing, which, unfortunately, Sky had not been able to meet for a number of customers. We concluded therefore that the offer had not been administered satisfactorily and had caused unnecessary disappointment to those consumers.”

It warned Sky that adverts for the sales promotion should not continue to appear in their current form unless Sky is able to demonstrate that the offer will be fulfilled within the terms specified. We don’t think this is going to be THE END of Sky’s sneaky promotion antics.