Sir Tim Berners-Lee calls for a new web

bernerslee-404_682192cThe father of the world wide web, Saint Tim Berners-Lee, has called for the development of a new web which cannot be snooped on by the government.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web, believes that the way his creation works in the present day “completely undermines the spirit of helping people create”.

He is currently involved in a project which will set up a new kind of information network that can’t be controlled by governments or powered by megacorporations like Amazon and Google.

Along with luminaries like TCP/IP protcol co-creator Vint Cerf, Mozilla Project leader Mitchell Baker and Electronic Frontier Foundation special advisor Cory Doctorow, they’ve gathered at the Decentralized Web Summit in San Francisco to discuss how this new kind of internet can be created and sustained.

One of the things they will look at is the use of increased encryption and methods to bring more accountability, as well as to reduce content creators’ and publishers’ dependence on ad revenue by developing secure, direct cryptocurrency-based payment methods for subscribers.

The Decentralized Web Summit is on from June 8-9.  It will be interesting to see if they get any backing or how long it takes for the world to stuff it up again.