ShadyURL makes the internet a bit more frightening

Anyone feeling that the web is a little too safe should catch up with the latest site doing the rounds,

The site transforms an harmless URL into one that looks like it’s brimming with potential viruses, terrorist links and, in the case of, sex with goats.

Added into the site instantly becomes The link still takes you through to Tech Eye, it just looks scarier.

The site is designed to resemble the URL shortening sites beloved of Twitter users who find that long URLs eat up the 140 character limit.

However this site doesn’t try to shorten the URL the usual way, just shady it. Shorter shady URLs are available, although don’t look quite as menacing.

In the interests of science, and it’s Friday afternoon and we’ve been in the pub since Tuesday, here are some other well known sites ‘shady-fied’