Sex domain may be in by end of year

A porn domain name may be on the horizon now that new pressure has fallen on net regulator Icann.

The regulator, which has recently enabled non-Latin domains, originally approved the proposal from ICM Registry in 2005, but then retracted its approval two years later under political pressure.

In February of this year a US panel of judges ruled that Icann’s reasons for not going ahead with the proposal were invalid, paving the way for the .xxx domain name to go ahead. Icann has not yet decided on the matter, but ICM Registry believes the new domain will be in by the end of the year.

ICM Registry said “the idea was to create an easily identifiable area of the Internet so users know what to expect when they see a .xxx address” and Icann appears to agree.

In fact there is so much ruckus over porn on the net that some people have been advocating not only the .xxx domain which they can then block, but the creation of a .fam domain for family-friendly content. While the former makes a lot of sense, TechEye staff cringe at the latter.

We’ve asked for comment from Icann and some porn webmasters and will update you as we get it. The porn staff may be a little busy at the moment.

Update: Ruff Davidson of the very not worksafe tells TechEye: “I’m against the .xxx domain. First it categorises a specific business. No one is going to have It also makes it extremely easy for any country or government to censor the domain. The person who is pushing it wants to make all the money off of it. You can bet that pretty much all domain configurations with that extension are already in someone’s control, the ordinary person will not get an equal chance to acquire a useful domain. There is basically no need for it now.”