pimped out for $1 million

The internet is really just an excuse to look at naked women, so no surprise that is up for sale next week, minimum bid of $1 million.

The price is understandable, for the potential of what you can do with the site and the fact it was reported that the lender DOM Partners LLC had backed a bid for a reported $14 million. Escom LLC are the current owners of the site, which bought the site from Gary Kremen, founder of

The domain site name has proven money-making potential according to previous reports that said Stephen M. Cohen, who took over the site illegally, was receiving 25 million hits a day and more than $50,000 per month.

In the late 90’s internet domains like sold for millions of dollars, but as Charles Arthur of the Guardian says, these domains were sold before the rise of Google, which assesses sites based on internet reputations rather than names.

Questions also have to be asked about whether the site could be quite so profitable, considering there is no shortage of sites to get sexual satisfaction from. The rise of free streaming sites beaming porn means that there is now no shortage of places to get your thrills from without a credit card.

However Richard Maltz, an auctioneer at Maltz Auctions who is running the sale, says that there is considerable interest in the name. He is quoted from various reports as saying: “We don’t know who’s serious and who’s not, but prospective bidders need a $1 million certified check. It should be interesting.”

And you never know, the the site could be taken over by a educational body talking about the physical and emotional benefits of sex in a loving relationship. Always possible.