Seven million lucky Brits have never used the net

According to figures from the ONS, some 7 million British adults have never used the internet, which amounts to about 14 percent of the population.

The ONS found that internet use in the UK is still going up, but the growth is not coming from young Britons, it is their grandparents that are flocking online. More than 99 percent of 16 to 24-year-olds used the internet last quarter, but only a third of people over the age of 75 have done so as well.  

In other words, there is simply no more room for internet penetration in some age groups, but old age homes might need a few new routers. The over 75 age group gained 3.6 percentage points, while other age groups went up by 0.1 to 1.1 points. 

The gender divide is more pronounced than in other groups as well. Only 27.3 percent of women over 75 used the internet, compared to 43.7 percent of men. 

But what are all the old folks doing on the internet? Social networking and photos of grandkids come to mind, although we wouldn’t be surprised to see some of them trolling Nazi “history” forums. With the advent of Cialis, Viagra and the rest… well, enough said.