Scientology gets PR push wrong

The Church of Scientology has its press list all mixed up. We got an email through today asking us to edit an article about Janet Reitman’s new expose of the group, Inside Scientology.

“You posted today a story,” the spokesperson Karin Pouw begins. We’re told Reitman’s book is full of errors which our writer “omitted to mention”. TechEye also has Scientology’s official response so that it’s available to our readers. 

The problem is a search on TechEye reveals that the last time Scientology was mentioned was on the 27th January this year, when Anonymous members were arrested and we mentioned its operations protesting Scientology. In passing

“Our” writer, David Konow, who we would probably hire not fire, actually works for TG Daily. His news story is here

We won’t, then, be publishing Scientology’s official response because it’s not relevant and our readers are not interested.