School re-instates bullied YouTube teen

A US teenager who was suspended for creating an anti-bullying video and posted it on YouTube has had the suspension lifted.

Jessica Barba, 15, who goes to Longwood High School in the US, committed the grave crime of filming and starring in an anti-bullying video and sticking it on YouTube.

Barba shot the six minute video for a school project and posted it on YouTube on 15 May and was suspended from school the next day.

In the video, Barba played a girl who was regularly bullied. Statements at the beginning and the end said it was fictitious so no one could think it was real. The video ended with a caption saying the girl committed suicide.

However, for some reason, the video hacked off the school administrators. In the US school administrators appear to have the power of god with the intelligence of pondlife, particularly when it comes to things like the internet.

There have been tales of kids being spied on through their school laptops, and kids having the cops called for minor offences.

But Barba carried on campaigning and set up a Facebook page to get re-instated. The  story went worldwide with experts from as far away as Australia calling the school idiots.

Australian anti-bullying expert, Adjunct Professor Ken Rigby, told  Barba should be commended rather than blamed.

He said that the school was inept and handled the situation badly, adding that the school administrators’ reactions were not unusual.

The school’s superintendent, Allan Gerstenlauer, refused to say anything about the case claiming that it would breach privacy laws.