School promises to stop snooping on students

Remote webcam activation is now barred for the Philadelphia school that spied on students through the the built in cams on their laptops, reports TUAW

The company behind the remote viewing software, Absolute Software, has said in an announcement that “We know that webcam pictures are an ineffective tool in tracking down the location of a stolen computer… Based on recent events, we have received many inquiries about TheftTrack from customers who are concerned and who want to ensure their organisations are not involved in a similar incident.”

We know this because we’ve had Absolute Software’s CEO on webcam for some time now.

All updated versions of the software will have the webcam viewing feature removed via an update. Simply put, if  you quite like spying on people through their webcams, don’t update and your software will still be fully functional.

The school in question, Harriton High School, landed itself in hot water after a kid with a MacBook realised IT staff were sneakily looking through private webcams while students were at home, like a really, really boring Chatroulette.

The school has admirably promised to stop using the software to spy on students in their homes.