Samsung shows off "WiMax 2"

Samsung will tell delegates at the Createc gathering in Tokyo all about its WiMax 2 trial system, based on IEEE 802.16m with a potential speed of 330Mbps.

Samsung, in partnership with UQ Communications, claims that it will show full-HD 3D videos and 16 Full-HD videos on 4 TVs at the same time using its WiMax 2 trial systems and device. To do this, Samsung will use its commercial Mobile WiMax base station, which is currently deployed and operated by major Mobile WiMax operators around the world.

WiMax 2 is based on the IEEE 802.16m standard, which is said to enable efficient, faster, and more converged data communications. It also allows current Mobile WiMax operators to migrate to WiMax 2 by upgrading channel cards or system software.

WiMax 2 standards are expected to be finalised by November 2010. Samsung plans to introduce the first commercial WiMax 2 by the end of 2011.

Samsung is also developing LTE network phones and laptops.