Royal Mail invents internet stamp

The Royal Mail wants to do away with its postmen who are prone to annoying things like striking by creating stamps that are more intelligent than they are. Not really – it’s a way for stamp collectors to head into the exciting world of the 21st century where you’re a mug if you seem to think you can have fun on anything that doesn’t have a screen.

Instead of paying its staff more and investing in management that puts a stop to depressing Despatches documentaries, it has rolled out something it is touting as the world’s first intelligent stamp. The idea is that you flash your smartphone’s camera over the stamp and it’ll automatically guide you toward online content specific to that stamp. It’s interactive technology but not as we know it, Jim – you’re basically pointing your phone at something hosted online.

The Royal Mail has said that it’s the first time any national postal service has been using this kind of tech on their stamps, probably for good reason. “Royal Mail’s special stamps mark key events and anniversaries in the UK’s heritage through a programme which aims to be both educational and informative,” but only if you’ve got a smartphone. Like the majority of stamp collectors do.


So the next time you get a final warning from the debt collectors, try pointing a camera at the envelope. It may or may not display interactive technology of the meatheads with the baseball bats on the way over to your flat to gut it of your prized possessions.

“Our stamps will open up a whole new world of information, interest and fun to collectors and the millions of people who will receive them on letters in the coming months alike.” 

We know the internet’s very popular these days but we’ve never lusted after an online-capable stamp.