RIM attacks Apple apps with putative buy

Our old mucker at GigaOM, Om Malik,  is reporting that Research in Motion (RIM) has enough cash in its pockets and desperation about Apple that it is about to make an acquisition any time real soon.

RIM, according to GigaOM, wants DataViz, no relation to the popular British comic Viz.

DataViz makes stuff including “Documents to Go” and it makes the software for the iPhone, for the Android, for the Blackberry and for cast down Finnish company Nokia.

As Om notes, the rumours started to ramp up on the Crackberry bog, and many folk now think they;ve already been taken over.

RIM is a Canadian company. DataViz is a Connecticutt based company,

Rumours, or perhaps that should be Rimours, to go?

GigaOM is here. Crackberry Bog is here.