Report finds Android devices most wi-fi intensive

A report by WeFi shows the growing trends in wi-fi usage, revealing Android devices to be the most Wi-Fi intensive.

The report is the first of many and focuses on the first quarter of 2010, but WeFi have been collecting Wi-Fi usage data for the last three years. The report measures data usage from laptops,  netbooks, Android-based devices, and Symbian-based devices. Apple’s decision to ban Wi-Fi scanning applications in February 2010 eliminated iPhone data from the report.

Different platforms dominated in different download brackets. For example, Symbian devices peaked in the less than 100MB range at nearly 80 percent, with less than 20 percent in the 100MB to 500MB range, less than five percent in the 500MB to 2GB range, and virtually none at 2GB or higher.

Laptops and netbooks, however, dominated the higher brackets, with roughly 60 percent and 50 percent respectively downloading over 2GB in a month. The numbers grow steadily less under the small download ranges.

WiFi Report 1

The findings showed that when it came to laptops, substantially more people downloaded larger amounts on a Wi-Fi network compared to a standard 3G one, with the numbers reversing almost one for one when those users were forced to use a mobile network dongle. Android and Symbian devices, however, were relatively similar regardless of what network the user was using.

WiFi Report 2

The majority of Symbian users connected to a wi-fi connection for less than five minutes, while laptops, netbooks, and Android devices shared the connection periods relatively equally over the four time brackets.

WiFi Report 3

Laptop and netbook users tended to connect to just one network, while many Symbian and Android users connected to between two and ten networks during a month. Very few of any users connected to more than ten networks during the 30 day period.

The majority of devices connected to a WeFi-enabled wi-fi network simultaneously was between the one and five bracket.

WiFi Report 4

Android devices were found to be the most wi-fi intensive, with 40 percent of Android devices residing in the United States. European and Asian markets for the Android OS were found to be growing steadily. Ten different Android devices were used to see which ones consumed the most data on a Wi-Fi network.

WiFi Report 5

WiFi Report 6

In America, wi-fi deployment was found to be most significant in California at 15 percent, followed by New York at 10 percent.

WiFi Report 7

In Europe France dominated at 26 percent, followed by the UK at 19 percent and Spain at 13 percent.

WiFi Report 8

The report found that France and the United Kingdom had the highest percentage of captive portals, which are moderated entry-pages for certain wi-fi networks.

WeFi currently has over 56 million wi-fi access points across the globe and hopes to transform the growing collection of disparate, unorganised, heterogenous wi-fi networks around the world into a unified global virtual network.