Regal legals blogger for spouting royal tales

The ruler of Monaco has gone legal demanding that a blogger who once did intelligence work for a Prince delete posts from his site.

Robert Eringer is the “peasant” in the firing line after Prince Albert II, the Crown Prince of Monaco, filed an action in a French court asking that he take down work that refer to the monarchy.

Mr Eringer’s postings accuse the monarchy of corrupt practices. He also claims that the old royals got up close and personal with criminals and failed to deal with the principality’s possible role in the murder of Jews by the Nazis during World War II.

Of course this is something Prince Albert denies. He’s said in a lawsuit that Mr. Eringer’s allegations are “totally false.” And just in case he didn’t have enough money as it was he also wants monetary damages and the repayment of legal costs.

Mr Eringer however, isn’t just making the postings to let us all know what the Royals are up to. According to the WSJ, the fight apparently began over pay. According to a separate lawsuit filed in March last year in LA, Mr. Eringer claimed that he was owed $54,000 plus interest and legal costs for his work.

This is something the Prince denies and is now trying to clear. However, it seems his HRH has underestimated the power of the internet, as Mr Eringer is using his blog to make all these claims public.  

Eringer was hired in 2002 as Prince Albert’s intelligence-service director to help in “rooting out corruption, money laundering and organised crime in Monaco,”.