Reddit bombards White House with phone calls

Internet activists have kicked off a protest to stop the US government pushing its War on Drugs campaign.

Users on Reddit,  a social platform which allows people to submit, comment and vote on news and other items of interest, encouraged others to “swamp the White House with calls” last Friday to mark the 40th Anniversary of Nixon’s War on Drugs.  

“It’s time we demand an end to the failed, 40 year, trillion dollar incarceration machine,” read a post on the site, claiming that the campaign had failed to reduce both drug use or any harm from drug use. “No emails this time,” a user said.

It’s currently unknown how much of the White House was bombarded by the calls, but judging by previous efforts, we can only assume that it was enough to ruffle feathers.  

Firstly, the post received 2000 votes – which is high for a front page story –  and last month users had a similar plan, urging Redditors to write on the contact page. According to a post at Stop the Drugs War, it gained 1300 up-votes from the community and shut down the site for “temporary maintenance.”

“We are performing system maintenance and upgrading our website. Unfortunately, this requires this page to be offline for a short period. Please check back later to submit your message,” the error code said.

Although this could have been a coincidence it is thought that the sheer number of users following orders from a pro-marijuana activist, based in  Washington, caused the outage. .