Re: crappiest news sites on the web

We’ve noticed some backlash from our Ten crappiest news sites piece. If anyone read it they’d have realised it was an attack on chasing Google for stories. We guess TechRadar and What Mobile just had a skim and feathers were ruffled.

Anyway, at long last, we have confirmation that TechEye has at least one reader. To mark this milestone we’re publishing the letter in full. A reader writes:

“Thanks for the recommendation for They are now on my daily hotlist.

On a more serious note, people like me need people like you to take the high ground and point us in the right directions.

You have touched on a point of great personal concern. The internet news sites are marketing tools with bits of journalism thrown in. The changes at CNN over the last 15 years were the start.

Now that Glenn Beck is considered a credible journalist by many in the US, the worst is yet to come.

Those of us who want decent journalism have to hunt around. It goes a lot faster if we can get pointers from you and others who have experience in the business. I’ve been an Economist reader for many years. They are great for after the fact reporting and analysis. Given their weekly schedule, they don’t cover very recent events. I try to keep current with Jellygraph and Grauniad because they’re better than the US sites. Knowing who to read for fact based reporting from a sensible perspective is a great help.

If you posted links to solid journalism sites for technical and non-technical reporting, it could help reduce readership (and ad revenue) at the crappiest news sites.

Best Regards,

ScottJ “