Questions posed over admin of million-strong London Met Facebook page

Thank you to the million people supporting the Met police on Facebook, UK PM David Cameron said yesterday. It’s the Best of Britain, that million people who have signed up to the Facebook page: “Supporting the Met Police against the London rioters.” But questions have arisen over the political views of the admin.

If you’re active on Twitter you’ve probably already seen this, but it’s worth pointing out this blog post anyway. The WoS blog details the public tweets from the owner of the 900,000 strong Facebook page the Prime Minister is so keen on, many of them jokes in dubious taste about the riots in London.

The Twitter account @SeanBoscott, which the owner claims had been hacked over, had a profile which read “Adult Humour not 4 Wimps”. Since then, the picture appears to have been changed and the biography reads: “I tweet about current affairs and things that I believe in.” Lucky a reader at WoS managed to capture the profile as it was, back to the 18th of July.

Still the Best of British? If this gets enough traction there will no doubt be a  reactionary message from Cameron’s office saying he supports the supporters, not the individual. 

Check out what this site says is the full story on Cameron’s hero, here