Prince Charles' consort gets Facebook kicking

The Duchess of Cornwall is getting a rough ride from her Mother-in-Law’s friends on Facebook.

While the Royal Staff, who edit the page, have been quick to remove comments which are derogatory to Her Majesty, for some reason some Camilla posts were slower to go.

It seems that others have found pleasure in abusing the wife of Prince Charles. Usually for what she looks like.

Ken Schilke screwed up any likelihood of a knighthood by implying that Camilla looked like a maid dressing up for a Christmas staff party

“Nice hat, like space rings orbiting a floating turd,” wrote Chris Freeactivist.

For some reason a lot of the negative comments appear to be related to an absence of snaps of Princess Diana, who the great unwashed think is the only Royal worth bothering about.

The posts are usually written by the grammatically challenged who think that the brain-dead fruit-cake Sloane was somehow some kind of saint.

“Why she has album and Princess Diana doesnt(sic)? Monarchy out to be ASHAME for this!!!”

Even Camilla’s support is somewhat damning with faint praise. “They have a long-lasting love story, no matter what she looks like or how gorgeous Diana was. THAT is it what counts. How many of us can say that?” wrote Krista Henrich.

Of course you have to value your royalty on what they look like because otherwise you have to evaluate their function in British society.

In the case of the Princess of Spin, Diana, it gave the appearance that she was doing something the other Royals weren’t. If Princess Diana were a computer she would be an Apple-Mac.