Pope to join Twitter

Hitler Youth conscript hat-wearing figurehead of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI, is planning to turn to social media with the help of the Vatican. 

Just as the Twiterrati largely reacted to David Cameron joining the website with heaps of scorn, the Pope has an even wider audience which will be prepared to harass him in 140 characters or less.

The internet’s rabid atheists are going to lap this up and we are predicting the following right now: an influx of parody accounts, anti-Catholic hashtags, and widely retweeted paedophile jokes. In other words, it’s going to be a PR nightmare for a week or so before the mob moves onto something else.

Reuters reports Benedict himself is not a fan of technology and writes most of his speeches by hand, so the anti-religion mob will be able to go nuts without having to consider hurting the feelings of an 85 year old man. He will not pen the tweets himself, but will personally sign them off before they’re sent.

The content is expected to be made up of the Pope’s weekly audience, as well as Sunday blessings and reactions to major world events like natural disasters.

Last year, the Pope officially gave his blessing to social media as part of World Communications Day. He said that social networking offers ‘extraordinary potential’, but he did warn that Facebook and Twitter can bring risks with them.

He warned against one-sidedness, self-indulgence, and false representation – all of which could arguably be levied against a man who is considered to be the successor to Saint Peter and spends much of his time in a palace.