Police target Celtic v Rangers internet hate campaign

That old Celtic vs Rangers rivalry in Scotland has spilled online, and police are targeting those behind hate campaigns that run against players and staff at the two Glasgow clubs.

As with most hooliganism, there have been hateful, racist jibes appearing including against Rangers striker El Hadji Diouf to go “back to the jungle”. Other images have appeared of Celtic staff riddled with bullet holes and rifle sights superimposed over the top of them, suggesting that some people really do take the “great game” to absurd, Palin-esque levels of fanatacism. 

Superintendent Kirk Kinnell was quoted in the Indie as saying the comments are just the tip of the iceberg, but the cops won’t stop persuing the makers of nasty comments. “Iwould like to delivera clear message to those who continue to make hate-filled comments,” he said, “and cause distress to decent members of the public, that we will persue you relentlessly until this behaviour is stopped.”

The Journal reports how a Northern Irish Catholic had been sent parcel bombs in the post. These days physical threats and online smear  and hate campaigns act as one entity, it would seem.

Gone are the days of the Glasgow Kiss, when it’s easier these days to create a foul-mouthed follow-up to long lasting rancour on Facebook than it is to hop in a van for an old fashioned scrap with chairlegs and chains.