Playboy launches work-safe site

We’re very aware how embarrassing it can be to be caught reading TechEye at the office.

“I get it for the articles,” you say, desperately trying to convince a gimlet-eyed boss that there really is useful industry information to be gleaned from our mix of drunken gossip and random invention.

And we’re not alone in this problem. Apparently, hard as it may be to believe, some people don’t even feel comfortable at work looking at soft porn.

This is why Playboy has launched

“It’s Playboy’s new safe-for-work website. And next to the mansion, it’s the best hangout on the planet,” says Hugh Hefner. The site is up already, though it won’t be properly active for a few months.

Playboy is, of course, best-known for pictures of naked ladies with bosoms and all sorts. But the new website is positively chaste – as long, that is, as you discount teasers such as ‘Katy’s melons will explode with candy, like a tit-pinata.’

We’re not sure how ‘How to get laid at work’ fits in with the overall editorial direction, either.

Still, readers including Bootylicious and Jimmy Jam Squirtle seem pretty keen, although Disgusted didn’t like it quite as much.

I was a bunny girl once, straight out of drama school. I didn’t last long: I got fired when I started pulling out my hair and eating my own faeces. It’s surprising – method acting gets you lots of critical acclaim, but, d’you know, some people really don’t like it.