Planking becomes the latest thing

There are a few moments where you wonder if humanity needs a good kick up the bum to get itself a sense of perspective. Either that or we are just getting old.

The latest craze down under, and we kid you not, is to pretend you are a plank in a public place, and photograph yourself being wooden.

Now there is nothing new in this. British PM David Cameron was the first plank to be elected to the House of Commons and some of the most lucrative Hollywood performances have come from planks.

But planks are not really known for their comedic effect. They are, basically, too plank-like. So idiots in Oz pretending to be planks are about as funny as a Tory politician cracking a funny about asylum seekers or an Apple fanboy making a Windows blue screen of death crack.

According to the Brisbane Times,  planking is developing into an internet craze with the Planking Australia Facebook group having almost 10,000 “likes”. The group now has more than 160 fans and plans to get the term into Wikipedia.

In Europe and Japan, planking is known as ‘the lying down game’ and is hardly a blip on the social radar. It took off in Oz after it was recently featured on The Footy Show.

Already right plankers have caused problems for the local plod. People have been climbing on high objects like bridges to be planks. What we don’t understand is why the local cops don’t help them exit the gene pool by looking the other way.

”It’s all about the photo and being creative and getting a laugh. While you’re doing it you’re just giggling and thinking, ‘I look like an idiot’,’ one planker is quoted as saying.