Pirate Party offers VPN to the repressed of Canada

The Pirate Party has told internet users in Canada not to fear if oppressive Conservatives seize power in the coming elections.

The Conservative Party in Canada is hoping to get elected on a “law and order” platform which will see them enact a brutal regime of human rights abuses and censorship. While crime in Canada is actually dropping, it seems that the Conservatives think that if it can whip up enough fear of a non-existant crime wave it can get it into office.

One of the biggest fears that internet users have at the moment is that the Conservatives might get a majority and bring in its daft plans.

According to Zero Paid,  the Pirate Party said that it has plans that will save the oppressed of Canada from the planned evil dictatorship, without needed to call for UN-backed air strikes to bring about a regime change.

It is setting up a VPN service which can help anonymise internet activity similar to those offered to residents of repressive regimes to protect the people.

Party leader Mikkel Paulson said the Pirate Party would provide a VPN service to Canadians at a rate of $10 / 200GB.

For every paid account opened a citizen of a nation with censored internet will get free access.

This allows the Party to simultaneously provide protection to Canadians and expand its humanitarian support abroad.

It might never get to that point. There can’t be many political parties who hope to get elected by promising to snoop on emails, but it is probably better to be prepared.