Pentagon fears next Wikileaks release

The Pentagon is once again feeling a gush of cold air blowing in its face, fearing its make-up will get all runny.

Bloomberg reports an internal memo was sent to US defense panels written by Elizabeth King, an assistant secretary for legislative affairs working in the centre of the pentacle.

In her email, King wrote the Pentagon was anticipating “the release could negatively impact US foreign relations”, yet it was also clear there was no real knowledge of what Wikileaks is set to release, as a further briefing will follow when “we have a better understanding of what documents the WikiLeaks publication contains.”

As King refers to several hundred thousand State Department cables, it can more than safely be assumed that Wikileaks is going to release the 260.000 diplomatic cables Bradley Manning reportedly handed over.

Bradley Manning, who was reported to the FBI by hacker wannabe Adrian Lamo some time before June this year, is currently being detained while the Obama administration is figuring out how to create a precedent and not have him get away with his whistleblowing, despite being legal by current US laws.

In the past the US administration has been trying to discredit and tarnish the past few releases as endangering the lives of civil collaborators and GI Joe with his boot on his ground in a foreign country where he isn’t welcome.

However, there is no proof any informants or collaborators have been drawn and quartered by the enemy, even though a certain portion of both the US press and public seem to accept and repeat Pentagon spin.

According to King’s email, the next release may happen as early as this Friday, the 26th of November. Wikileaks, the intangible threat, is said to be once again collaborating with Germany’s weekly magazine Der Spiegel and newspapers The Guardian and The New York Times.

Wikileaks itself has tweeted “the coming months will see a new world, where global history is redefined.” Even if not, things will prove rather interesting to observe.