Pakistan's high court declares censoring the net is illegal

While the UK tends to look down its nose at Pakistan on the small matter of human rights,  it seems that it has something to learn from the country after all.

When its government decided to emulate David Cameron’s moves to censor the web, a petition by civil rights groups resulted in a court ruling saying that such censorship is unconstitutional.

Just like Australia and the UK, Pakistan’s government was building a list of those sites it did not like with the view that they would be blocked.

Pakistan’s attempts could have blocked 50 million sites that the government wasn’t a fan of.

According to Reporters Without Borders , the high court’s ruling, if respected, would make it impossible for the government to introduce any nationwide website filtering system.

Sadly, it looks like the Pakistani government will press ahead with the scheme by coming up with a constitutional fudge based on the country’s anti-blasphemy law and national security provisions.

The UK has not got an anti-blasphemy law, but then again, it does not have a constitution either.