Outer Mongolia is censored in China

The Great Firewall of China is having a go at doing what its low tech counterpart failed to manage – keep the Mongols out.

Apparently the Glorious People’s Republic is blocking mention of Inner Mongolia on Chinese microblogs and social networking sites.

Chinese mandarins have got the pip after there were protests in the region last week.

The disturbance all started when an ethnic Mongolian shepherd was run over by an ethnic Han truck driver. Mongolians in the region have taken to the streets, and probably small ponies, prompting authorities to declare martial law and get the wagons into a circle.

Punters who use Sina’s and Tencent’s microblogs are not allowed to search for the term “Inner Mongolia.”

Social notworking site Renren is not allowing anyone to post if they use the phrase “Inner Mongolia.” Even those users who have registered China’s Inner Mongolia region as their hometown cannot see their user pages.

Mass protests appear to have been organised by China’s most popular instant messenger service QQ. The authorities have also ordered that switched off too.